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Comportementaliste et éducatrice Canine Cynodo MCP

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Niveau 3 complété (MCP/CDT) - CynoDo

(L’école professionnelle des métiers du chien au Québec)


Early Behavior, Socialization, and Puppy Temperament Evaluations

Barbara Handelman M.Ed., LCMHC, CDBC

Puppy’s First Twenty Weeks – Protocol to Socializing Puppies

Casey Newton, BS, CPDT-KA 


Temperament Assessment in Identifying Mental Health Issues in Dogs

Melissa McMath Hatfield, MS, CBCC-KA



Tail Wagging: Fear Free Rehab Settings - Fear Free Pets  - Webinar

Deana Cappucci, LVT, CCRVN, CCMT VTS (Physical Rehab)

Decreasing Stress Every Step of the Way - Fear Free Pets - Webinar

Jennifer Merlo, DVM, CVBMC, Elite FFCP

Practical Pheromone Use: The Road to a Calmer Clinic - Fear Free Pets - Webinar

Natalie L. Marks, DVM, CVJ, FFCP- Elite FFCP

QC Pet Studies Student (2023-2024)

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